Past Simple, Continuous, Perfect

  • Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect.
    Last night we (to go) to a football match. We (to take) a bus. The bus (to be) overcrowded as many people (to want) to see the match. We (to get) off the bus and (to go) in the direction of the stadium. While we (to cross) the road, I (to see) Victor. He (to stand) at the corner. He said he (to wait) for his friend who (to come) to St Petersburg the day before and (to wish) to see the new stadium. A man (to com) up to me and asked if I (to have) a spare ticket for the match. Victor told us that two boys just (to ask) him whether he (to have) a spare ticket. We (to enter) the stadium just as the football players (to come) out on to the field. At the entrance to the stadium we (to meet) Sergei. He (to show) us to our seats and (to ask) me if I (to play) football in my childhood. We (to agree) to meet in the snack bar during the interval.
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  • Надо было пронумеровать, а то можно запутаться
    1.went 2.took 3.was 4.wanted 6.went
    7.were crossing 8.saw 9.was standing
    10.was waiting 11.had come 12.wished 13.came
    14.had 15.had just asked 16.had 17.entered
    18.were coming 19.met 20.showed 21.asked
    22.had played 23.agreed

  • Раскройте скобки (в past simple,past progressive or past perfect)
    1. Andrew (ask) if John (see) any skyscrapers. 2. While the tailor (measure) him,Mr Brown (try) to be calm.3. They (shoot) in the forest when John (arrive).4. We (be) sure they (finish) their work by ten.5. She (work) as a nurse in 1998.6.Who (watch) television when Dad (come) in?7. What (happen) next?8. Nobody (know) what (happen).9. I (not,know) when Mrs Padley (be) born.10. When Nick and I (meet),he (write) a very interesting project