Письмо-запрос(letter enquiry)

  • Уважаемые знатоки английского языка, помогите пожалуйста написать письмо-запрос(letter enquiry). Вот примерный план:
    1.Introduction. Give your reason for writing and say where you saw the advert.(I am writing to… which I recently saw…)
    2. Initial questions.(First, it say that… Does that mean..? The advert also… What exactly does that mean?)
    3.More questions.(Another question I have is about… I am also a bit worried about…)
    4.Final questions.(Finally, I am not sure what you mean by… Could you tell me how..?)
    5.Ending(I look forward to hearing from you.)
    Вот пример
    (1) I am writing to ask some questions about the 'ACTIVA Pentium 5 laptop' advertised оn your website.
    (2) First, it says that the ACTIVA is very powerful. Is it powerful enough to play all computer games? The advert also mentions аn 'extra fast Internet connection'. What exactly does that mean? Is it fast enough to download programmes easily?
    (3) Another question is about size. I need а computer that is not too big to put in ту school bag and not too heavy to carry. However, I do not want а keyboard that is so small that I can't use it.
    (4) Finally, exactly what do you mean by 'fully guaranteed'?
    Could you tell me how long it is guaranteed for? Does the guarantee cover accidents or just technical problems?
    (5) I look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours, name.
    Этот товар можно заменить на любой другой- моб.тел? стиральная машинка и проч. Помогите пожалуйста. . .

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