Fans of The Beatles, come here!

  • Hi! I'm Aly and I'm mad about The Beatles. It's really the most talanted bend, I think. As for me, I'v never heard anything better. Their music is for all time. Do you agree with me? I'd like to discuss them. Everyone who loves The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul MacCartney come here! I'll be glad to communicate with you!

  • Hi! My name's Catherine,
    I know that in Beatls 4 mans: John Lennon, Paul MacCartney George Harrison and Richard Starkey.
    Why are you talking only about John Lennon, Paul MacCartney.
    I'm sorry for my mistakes. I'm not good like know english.

  • I love the defference music: The Beatles, The Offspring,....................................
    Actually. I want to find pen-friends. Writing!!! i'll will wait.
    My address:

  • Hi Catherine! You are right. But I wrote only about John Lennon and Paul MacCartney becouse they are the most popular. Everybody knows them. But I love Harrison and Starr too.

  • When I was younger I used to listen to The Beatles. I had two cassetes but then I lost them. I know there are simple words in their songs but the words are very true.