Answer the question

  • Dear George,

    I have received your letter of April 30. I am happy that you have turned to me with your request, and that I can be of help to you. Of course, I haven’t changed my mind and wish to assure you that the material is always at your disposal whenever you need it. All I ask you to do is to write me in detail what particular information you are interested in.
    At the present time I do not experience any need in your help, but what I would like to have, indeed, is your advice.
    In a week or so I shall prepare a number of questions for your consideration and will kindly ask you to give your full attention to each item.
    I trust I will hear from you soon.
    With best regards,
    Yours sincerely,

    What does Andrew wish to receive?

  • 1. The particular information George is interested in.
    2. Georges's advice.
    3. Answers to a number of questions.

  • 2. Georges's advice.