My poems

  • Here are my poems. I don't need them very much for they are not very good, in my opinion. Moreover, they're not suitable for my collection. That's why I've decided to write them here. It will be great if you read and appraise them.
    My first does not have name, so I'd like you to offer some variants for it... Well, here it is:

    She said, “I wanna have your love.”
    Then added, “Don't you understand?”
    He only looked into her eyes
    And told her, “Please, do hold my hand.”
    She did what he had asked her to
    And felt the cold of his pale skin.
    And afterwards with tears on face
    She cried, “I love you, to my sin.”
    He drew his hand, his voice had pain
    When he did whisper in her ear,
    “I'm a vampire and my fate
    Is to drink blood. Do you not fear?”
    “It doesn't matter what you are,”
    She answered, trying not to weep.
    “I, all the same, do want to be
    With you, my love. My feeling's deep.
    And I don't care what will be,
    I'm ready to sell my own soul
    For being by your side, my dear.”
    “You're fool!” he cried. “It's not your dole!”
    She tried to mind, but he stopped her,
    “You're so blind that cannot see!
    My soul is damned, and life is vain.
    I no longer can be free!”
    He touched her cheek, and silver tear
    Fell from his eye full of the dark.
    “I'll never let you be this way…”
    She said, “I'd like to feel you hug.”
    He had a doubt but embraced
    Her shoulders and kissed her lips.
    It was a bittersweetness taste
    That plunged her into memories deeps.
    “Do you remember how it was?”
    She asked him with a sense of grief.
    “Do you remember who we were,
    What was our love when we believed?”
    “Of course, I do. How can I not?”
    He said to her with cold and peace.
    “I will forever keep in mind
    Events that you will have to miss.
    My life's eternal, but yours not,
    I am compelled to live in night.
    I cannot… What?! What have you done?!
    I'm feeling blood but I must fight!”
    She took away a dark-red blade,
    It was her blood: she cut her arm.
    She smiled and said, “You shouldn't fight.
    For me your bite is not a harm.”
    His thirst was strong, but yet he could
    Withstand the power of it.
    With blood shot eyes he looked at her,
    “It's pity that you've lost your wit.”
    Without any further word
    He vanished in the dark of night.
    And she fell down on her knees,
    She loved him. Maybe she was right?

    And here are two other poems:

    He wandered…

    He wandered, feeling a collapse,
    He tried to get through forest ceiling,
    The wind was cutting, snow hard,
    The freedom soul searched for healing.
    Was getting dark. Was almost night.
    And even forest wasn't silent,
    But he still tramped to no site
    As though he moved on blade of trident.
    He went on roaming that path,
    The pain was very comprehensive
    Because his life was so rough
    That only death is most expensive.

    Darkness into heart

    The lightnings lit up deadly, clouded heaven,
    And even sun escaped from the horizon line…
    Wolf's howl from alone, far-off cavern
    Was sounding throughout the moonshine.
    He howled slowly and lonely,
    His heart was filled in with a great, eternal dark.
    The Destiny has treated him too sorely,
    He knew he'd never take off harrowing mark.
    His soul suffered from uncountable woes,
    His devilish wounds were burning every trice;
    This time he is compelled to wander from his throes,
    His breast is chained up with a heavy, chilling ice.
    He didn't wanna playing his damned role,
    But thoughts were infinitely beating in his mind,
    He recollected home, love... his DOLE,
    And even hope has died in growing dark behind.
    He gave his life to flame; he had an awful fortune,
    He cannot run, he cannot hide his pain,
    He no longer can escape from his misfortune,
    And only death can liberate from torment chains.