Пассивный залог

  • Помогите, пожалуйста, переделать предложения в пассивный залог. Очень нужно!:(
    1) Who inventend the telephone?
    2) The thief stole all the money in the till.
    3) Who has written this poem?
    4) When will they hold the annual dance?
    5) Many tourists visit Eiffel Tower every year.
    6) Did you give the parcel to Susie?
    7) The fire damaged many buildings in the city centre.
    8) The repairman is fixing the washing machine.
    9) Has Victoria sent out the invitations?
    10) They will open the new library to the public in September.
    11) We took many of these photographs when we were in India.
    12) They will dedicate the new university building to Dr Peters.
    13) Will she redecorate her flat in May?
    14) Dora sold three sculptures at the gallery opening.
    15) Who made this delicious chokolate cheesekace?

  • 1 Who was invented the telephone by?
    2 all the money was stolen by the thief in the till
    3. who was the poem written by?
    4. when will the annual dance be hold by them?
    5. effel tower is visited by many tourists every year
    6. was the parcel given by you to susie?
    7 many buildings were damaged by the fire in the city center
    8. the wasing machine was being fixed by the repairman
    9.have the invitations been sold out by Victoria?
    10. the new library to the public will be opened by them in September
    11. many of these photographs were taken by us when we were in India
    12.the new university building to dr.Peters will be dedicated by them
    13. will her flat be redecorated by her in may?
    14. three sculptures were sold by Dora at the gallery opening
    15 who was this delicious chocolate cheesecake made by?

  • Спасибо огромное!!!!

  • swettka, помогите пожалуйста тоже!!!
    1.We should eat this cake immediately.
    2.They hadn't cooked dinner by two o'clock.
    3.They open the letters every morning in the office.
    4.She was cleaning the office when the boss arrived.
    5.Do they make bread in this factory?
    6.Did a dog bite him?
    7.Will Kate decorate the bedroom tomorrow?
    8.Many people speak English.
    9.The chef hasn't made dinner.
    10.Someone left the front door open.
    11.The pop star sang the song.
    12.Captain Cook discovered Australia.
    13.I have to finish my homework tonight.
    14.They won't take him home after the party.
    15.Someone is using the computer.
    16.Do they produce oil in Spain?
    17.Jenny didn't break the window.
    18.The author is writing a new book.
    19.An explorer has found a dinosaur egg.
    20.You must tidy your bedroom.