Ищу друзей для переписки на английском

  • My name is Masha. I am 17.At the moment I am student at Rossoshansky Teasher Training College styding English and German. I would like to become Interpreter.. My favorite subject is English. May be, English and learning it will be a part of my future career.
    Please write me a letter.

  • Hello !!! You have a beautiful name, i like it ) !!! I'm 24 I work in Oncology Center !!! Yow do u spend a nice summer daes ) ?

  • not daes, i mean days )))

  • Hello!
    I live in Belogory. It is village. Where do you live?
    What is your hobby?
    I would like to travel. Do you like travel? Where have you been and what have you seen?

    I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Маша
    Hello !!! I live in Moscow ! I think i like travel, but i have been only in our country and Ukraina). Oi, sorry i lied u ), i was in Germany, last year ). But it was business! Whats about my hobby. I like sport,read,play on guitar and rest)! And what is your hobby and where have you been ?
    Best regards !!!

  • Hi!
    I am keen on foreign languages. I study English and German.
    I would like to study French too. I think it is very beautiful language. I like to listen to music.
    I enjoy different kind of music. Do you like listening to music? What kind of music do you like?
    Please write me soon.

  • Hi Masha. MY name Is Yan. I hope you remenber me. It's was very great to take care of all the group. You are a young beautiful girl and you speak english very good. You impressed me. I like to talk with you. You miss me and all the group too.

  • Маша
    Hi !!! I studied 3 languages: Eng, Ger, Fr, but it was many times ago))). But i like French ). Germsn is very coarse ) !!! But i have been in German and i like ) !!! My next language will be French !!! Of course i like listening to music )! I ilike diffrent kind as u. But i like more rock and metall )) !! And what do u listen ) ?
    Dest regards !!!

  • Hi !!!
    As for I like to dancing music! I LIKE TO GO TO DANSING CLUB.But i like rock too.
    Please write me soon.

  • Маша
    Do u like sport ? What kind of them ? Tell me about u spend yr free times !!!
    Best regards !!!