помогите, пожалуйста, ответить на вопросы

  • At an International Conference.
    Mr. Clark, a British scientist, is talking to Oleg Smirnov, his Russian counterpart,
    at an international conference during a break.
    Clark: Your recent experiments have been a great success, Mr. Smirnov.
    Smirnov: Thank you very much. You've read my last article, then, haven't you?
    C. Of course I have. I'm very interested in your research, and I hardly ever miss your
    publications. By the way, when are you going to give a talk on your work?
    S. Some time next week at the Research Centre, but I can't tell you definitely yet.
    C. Could you ring me up and let me know?
    S. Certainly.
    C. Thank you ever so.

    1. What was Smirnov’s last article about?
    2. Why is Mr. Clark interested in his publications?
    3. Why does Mr. Clark want to attend his talk?

  • 1.not stated.2 not stated (не говорится)3.Because he is interested in Smirnov's research.

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