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    This being a John Irving novel, dreams are not to be stunted, nor are italics and exclamation points.

    Juan Diego says to his doctor, in lines that flicker like supertitles at a Metropolitan Opera production.

    These put the bomp back into Juan Diego’s bomp bah bomp bah bomp. This bomp will be required. (речь идет про таблетки Виагра)

    ...not so much together as in gonzo tag-team mode

    Summarizing the plot of a John Irving novel is like trying to divert the Nile River into a champagne flute.

    Signs and portents, crosses to bear and axes to grind, coincidences and grand designs, grace and disgrace, and more man-tears than a John Boehner news conference — they’re all here. (Знаки и знамения, crosses to bear and axes to grind , совпадения и грандиозные проекты, благодать и позор, and more man-tears, чем пресс-конференция Джона Боенера — они - все здесь.)

    Mr. Irving is attracted to spasmodic cracks of violence.

    ...leads to some terrible but almost patriotic gore

    packs his own whips for self-flagellation.

    Does it stand for “loser” or “Lothario”?

    The policies of the Roman Catholic Church come under sustained fire.

    premonitions abound

    "Аллея Тайн" is to fiction, it can seem, as the Cirque du Soleil is to gymnastics. There’s athleticism and a degree of difficulty, for sure, in Mr. Irving’s storytelling Есть также много блесток и canned melodrama and hammy showmanship.

    Like the wrong kind of uncle, Mr. Irving pulls you aside, by the ear, to provide life lessons.

    And, worst fortune cookie ever: “Behind every journey is a reason.”

    That is to say, a word man befuddled by and comically resigned to his fate. У него есть тайна, if not an illegal, smile.

    More often this novel is so life-affirming you want to hurl yourself into bus traffic. The things that for a while were magical in Mr. Irving’s writing long ago came to seem, instead, like tricks. С точки зрения читателя, это магия ordealism.

    Blood must zanily flow to all extremities.

    On the topic of blood flow, this exhausting novel reminded me of an advisory from William S. Burroughs

    avoid that presence

    Оригинал обзора: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/03/books/review-in-john-irvings-avenue-of-mysteries-a-blur-of-aphorisms-and-magical-events.html?ref=books&_r=2