перевод в косвенную речь

  • Shop assistant: Can I help you?
    Rob: Yes please. I'd like a pair of trainers.
    Shop assistant: What make do you prefer?
    Rob: Have you got Nike trainers?
    Shop assistant: Sure. What colour would you like?
    Rob: White, please.
    Shop assistant: And what size are you?
    Rob: Six and a half.
    Shop assistant: Have you are.
    Emily: They look nice, Rob. Try them on!
    Shop assistant: How do they feel?
    Rob: Awful! They're too small.
    Shop assistant: But they're your size.
    Rob: What's wrong with my feet? Have they grown in a week?
    Emily: Don't panic, Rob. I know what it is.

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  • В каком времени?он говорит или он сказал?

  • я не знаю. вроде говорит

  • Вы мне поможите а то мне это ещё рассказывать

  • The shop assistant asks if he can help.
    Rob answers he would like a pair of trainers.
    The SA asks what make he prefers.
    .Rob asks if they have got Nike trainers.
    SA asks what colour he would like.
    Rob answers he would like white.
    S A asks what size he is.
    Rob answers he is six and a half.
    SA gives Rob trainers.
    Emily says they look nice and asks Rob to try them on.
    SA asks how they feel.
    Rob says they are too small.
    SA notices they are Rob's size.
    Rob wonders what is wrong with his feet, if they have grown.
    Emily says she knows the reason.

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