помогите вставить правильные глаголы

  • Помогите плиз!!!!! The children from Green Road School take part in different after - school activities.
    What did the children do last year? Fill in the gaps in the sentences with the words from the box.

    (Box): choir, secondhand, invitations, pick up, leaves, soft, elderly, neighborhood, water, folk, local.

    1.) Last year the pupils worked a lot. they helped to rake _____ in the schoolyard and to __ flowers.
    2.) They visited children at the ___ hospital and gave them ___ toys.
    3.) There is a lake in the town. The pupils helped to ___ litter near it last summer and helped to clean up the ____.
    4.) pupils of the 1st form collected ____ books for the local hospital.
    5.) The school ____ won first prize at the singing competition.
    6.) A lot of ____ people got ____ for the concert.
    7.) The children performed ___ dances and songs at the concert.