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  • Возможно ли так перевести предложение:
    Ни она ни я ничего не знаем о приезде делегации. Нам придется принять соответствующие меры

    Neither she nor I know anything of delegation arrival. We have to take immidiate action

  • Neither she nor I know anything of the delegation’s arrival. We will have to take appropriate measures.
    Neither she nor I know anything of the arrival of the delegation. Necessary measures will be taken.

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  • Спасибо большое)

  • HELP!!!c) (5 x 2 points) Transform the sentences into the Passive Voice.
    1. If I am not mistaken they are discussing this question now.
    2. Richard Branson has just launched a new project.
    3. Their company sells car parts worldwide.
    4. He opened a new subsidiary in Brazil.
    5. They will announce the tender next week.

  • 1. ..., this question is being discussed by them now.
    2. A new project has just been launched by... .
    3. Car parts are sold worldwide by... .
    4. A new subsidiary was opened by him in... .
    5. The tender will be announced by them... .