• Подскажите, пожалуйста, нужен ли неопределенный артикль перед исчисляемым существительным, которое обобщает понятие? Точнее говоря, в ситуациях типа: "man goes through several life stages", man без артикля?

  • Это исключение, арт the перед man в родовом значении не нужен, перед woman в родовом значении на ваше усмотрение, в других случаях нужен the tiger is a dangerous beast
    Man delights not me nor woman neither
    He had always been interested in that mysterious being — the woman.
    Woman is man's helpmate.

  • Oxforddictionaries.com
    (also Man)
    [IN SINGULAR] Human beings in general; the human race:
    places untouched by the ravages of man
    Perhaps it may be said that civilization is about to enter the age of the decline of man.
    Genesis in fact hints that there was evil present in the world before the fall of man.
    None the less, equality in the eyes of God laid the foundations for equality in the eyes of man and before the law.

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