the role of english in my life

  • ребята, помогите найти топик the role of english in my life, пожалуйста. очень нужно. но чтобы он был простенький, для студентов 1 го курса ин яза. зараннее спасибо

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  • the role of english in my life

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  • English language in my life.

    Nowadays English is the international language of human speech, either spoken or written all over the world. Language itself is the most common system of communication which allows people to talk to each other and to write their thoughts and ideas.

    And it is the only one reason why English is important in our life. It means that there are a lot of other reasons. Firstly,learning a foreign language increases your range of communication. For example, if you speak only English, you can communicate with over 400 million other persons. If you also learn Spanish, you could speak to any of the 297 million Spanish-speaking people in Latin America, Spain, and other parts of the world. Secondly,by learning another language, you get knowledge of the customs and ways of life of their nations. While learning French, you find out how French people live, behave, and think. And finally,a foreign language can help and add to your knowledge of your own language. For example, by studying Latin, you can improve your understanding of the thousands of English words that have their roots in Latin.

    So, I think that if a person have reasons to learn English he can learn it everywhere. And there are some often used ways how to do it. Firstly, you can learn English at school, where teachers can help you with your pronunciation skills . Secondly, you can learn it by travelling and speaking with native people of this language. For example, you can visit the UK or The USA where all people speak English. And finally, It seems to me that it will be good to attend special cources, at which you can deepen your knowledge at this language.

    But also, also you can learn English at home. And there are several ways how to do it very effectively Firstly, you can use tape recorders, which permit students to listen, repeat, erase their own repetition and then try again. Secondly,I think that videotape can realy helps in studying language because it lets students watch their mouth movements. And finally It seems to that computers can halp to study English because it can correct student's translation of words and phrases on a video display screen. So, these language study aids provide not only instruction and practice, but also self-instruction, because they can be used without a teacher.

    As for me I learn English at school. I have 5 different classes and 3 teachers of English. The first is homereading were we read a lot, retell and analyse different texts. The second is Country Stusying where we learn the history of Great Britain and the USA. The third is Grammer where the teacher teaches us the Grammer of the English language. The forth is writing where we study how to write letters to our penfriends. And the last one is Practice of English. I think that tt is very interesting class because there I try to express my own opinion about different things. It seems to me that all these lessons are very important because they can help me to deepen my knowledge of English.

    So, English plays an improtant role in my life not only because that it can help to communicate with people from other countries but also because it can help to know more about other cultures, traditions and habits.

    Вот и всё. Надеюсь вам пригодится :)

  • hasmik , Огромное спасибо !!! Очень помог!