помогите вставить пропуски пожалуйста

  • ask to learn more about the festival?
    The show started at 5.30 pm in the town centry, with people in bring costumes in the Market Place and High Street.
    (0) (What / people / do) What were people doing in the Market Place?
    (1) ( What / people / do) _________ in High Street?
    An hour later, a parade with the town band and Cinderella's golden coach was going to the museum.
    2(who/ sit)________ in Cinderella's golden coach?
    3( what music / the town band/play )____Lombard Street and High Street we're closed for 30 minutes
    4(the parade /go)_________
    down Lombard Street and High Street?
    James Fleet, an actor, switched on the Christmas lights outside the museum at 6.45 pm.
    5(what / James Fleet/ do)______ at 6.30 pm?
    Помогите вставить пропуски где _________