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  • 1. Every student ih chemistry learns very quickly to use indicators,particularly litmus, in order to determine whether a solution is acid or basic in.
    2. The question arises whether there is any fundamental difference in the kinetics of reactions occuring in condensed media compared to the gaseous state.вопрос.
    3. Atoms of zinc may be looked upon as composed by electrons and zinc ions.пассив.
    4. The solubility of phosphate in sea water is lagerly a function of pH, a property which is influenced by bacterial activities.
    5. Conditions which affect the plastics behaviour of material will also influence its fracture behaviour since fracturing is normally preceded by plastic deformation.пассив
    6. In the chapter on experimental techniques, we are given a good insight into many of the special problems that have to be solved..
    7. In gaseous reactions the equilibrium position is largely influenced by pressure.пассив.
    8. The constant search for materials to replace or supplement scarce metals encourages more attention to this new field.
    9. Solar installations have been reported to exist in many countries.Some of these installations seem to be used primarily for experimental purposes..
    10. Comparatively few of the elements prove to occur as uncombined subtances in nature,most of them being found in the form of chemical compounds..
    11. The ancients thought the Earth to be flat.
    12. On close examination of a piece of granite we find it to be composed of several kinds of minerals having differnt degrees of hardness. differnt colours, and different properties in general.
    13. A rough estimate of the rate of cooling and growth of the solid crust of our globe indicates that the colling process must have begun several billion years ago.

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