Film Review 2 . Посмотрите пожалуйста, много ли я допустила ошибок, или читатаем

  • writing a film review for a website. Write about a film you saw recently that you thought was very bad.
     Say who you are and what kinds of films you usually like watching.
     Say which film you are reviewing and whether you enjoyed it.
     Mention the best thing and the worst thing about the film.
     Recommend a better film and say why you think it is better.
    Film review
    Hi there, I’m going to tell you about a movie I have seen recently. While I normally do enjoy films, this one I didn’t like at all – and that’s quite unusual for me.
    The film was "Mama Mia" I suppose you’ve probably heard of it because it’s become quite a phenomenon – a cult movie I guess you could say. It’s a form of musical and is based on the songs of Abba. I think it was adapted from a stage show but I’m not quite sure of that. It’s also a bit of a romcom as the plot revolves around the romantic relationships of a mother and daughter.

    I had heard about the film quite a long time ago and just had never bothered watching because i was fairly sure it wasn’t going to be my cup of tea. But as I was saying recently I did sit down and put it on. My friend had given me the DVD and told me I had to see it.

    While I quite like the original songs the performances in the film were absolutely terrible and the whole romance part of the movie didn’t really work either.

    Why I didn't enjoy it?
    I suppose it all ended happily ever after but in truth I couldn’t even watch it to the end. It was that bad and overall a very disappointing experience.

    I can name 3 musicals that are more entertaining than this into the woods chicago and les miserable. Les mis is not quite as a miserable movie going experience as this is. If you want to see a good musical go see the ones listed above otherwise stay clear.