Артикли с секундами и минутами на видео

  • Yesterday I was going to comment some music video and suddenly I realized that I couldn't. Even now, I don't know what article I should use in this sentence:
    Мне показалось, или НА СЕДЬМОЙ СЕКУНДЕ видео мы можем лицезреть скрытую рекламу (сообщение, пасхалку, не суть).

    Is it just me or ???? we can see a subliminal message?

    And It would be very greatful If you give me some links on this rule. Using articles with seconds, minutes, hours or something like that.

  • Generally, ordinal numerals are used as adjectives and stand before nouns. An ordinal numeral is usually preceded by the definite article "the".

    In my opinion on the seventh second in the video we can see a subliminal advertising, is it?