I am student and I want some speak before exam

  • Hello, users of Native English! I am student of 9th grade and I want study in colledge. So, after 2 weeks I will pass the exam in English and this exam will have an interview and I need some training before exam.

  • Maybe, some people of you was pass exams in english and they had interviews, if it right, can you tell me what questions they will can ask from me?

  • I really want to pass this exam and teach in colledge in the future

  • I didn't pass exams, I'm just a student of 8th grade( But I really want to speak with you and practice my English

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  • I'm from 8th grade too, I’m not against talking because I also need to develop English, I live in Belarus)

  • I don't know anyone from here who could help you, as well

    it seems an anxiety-inducing affair.

  • hi guys