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    Kyiv continues to be by far the country's most attractive location for foreign investors, accounting for well over a third of foreign direct investments in 2001, a recent survey reveals.
    The Institute of Reforms, a Kyiv-based think-tank, every year complies investment ratings for Ukraine's regions based on their economic and financial development, the number of new businesses opening and employment rates.
    For the fourth successive year Kyiv city topped the rating for investment attractiveness with a score more than twice that of the second-ranked region - Dnipropetrovsk oblast.
    This result was clearly reflected in the amount of foreign direct investment received. The capital last year attracted $233.6 million - or $39.9 percent of total national FDI. Second-ranked Dnipropetrovsk oblast drew $139.3 million, or some 23.8 percent. For the first time since the rating was launched in 1997, Kharkiv oblast took third place receiving $47.4 million. Donetsk oblast was pushed down into fourth place, with $28 million. Odessa and Zaporizhya oblasts wear rated fifth and six attracting $36.1 million and $19.6 million respectively.