Пожалуйста,проверьте перевод

  • Fill the blanks with indefinite pronouns:
    …Someone has asked me about you.
    I was told that Miss Qual was waiting for me …somewhere near that building.
    The child wants …something sweet.
    Arthur is not acquainted with …anyone here.
    Does …anyone know where Peter has gone?
    Is there …anything else on the table?
    They have gone …somewhere.
    Is there …anyone in the room?
    Why doesn’t …anyone want to speak?
    There is …nothing to talk about.
    She is looking at …someone.
    …Someone will say so.
    I haven’t got …anything else to speak to.
    …Something is wrong with my car.
    Is …anything wrong with your car?
    …Something has happened to Glenn.

  • Anyone will say so.

  • I haven’t got …anything else to speak to.---Если бы в предложении было TO SAY, тогда ваш выбор был бы правильным. Но ведь здесь TO SPEAK TO, то есть мне не с КЕМ поговорить. А это уже будет " I do not have ANYONE else to speak to".

  • Спасибо большое Vera и Vitalik!