Пожалуйста помогите с Контрольной!

  • 1. Перепишите предложения, подчеркните сказуемое, определите его время и залог; предложения переведите.
    1. He was a lawful owner of this house.
    2. Conclusion of her speech was quite unexpected.
    3. After the professor finishes his lectures, he allows to ask him questions.
    4. He will be appointed a director of that plant next month.
    5. These students will live in our hostel which is not far from our University.
    2. Перепишите предложения, подчеркните причастия, определите их форму и функцию (определение или обстоятельство). Предложения переведите.
    1. While translating the article she used a dictionary.
    2. He speaks like a man having his own opinion of everything.
    3. At the conference they discussed new methods used in bridge- building.
    4. The research being carried out is of great importance.
    5. Being devoted to problems of nuclear physics the conference was attended by many scientist.

    3. Перепишите предложения, подчеркните независимый причастный оборот. Предложения переведите.

    1. The experiment having been done, we checked it.
    2. The new methods having been introduced, the productivity of labour at the plant went up.
    3. It was very dark, there being no stars in the sky.
    4. The new locomotive was tested in production conditions, the results being excellent.
    5. The new alloy was invented and tested, now we can use it for different purposes.

    IV. Переведите текст с помощью словаря:


    An employer has several options to consider when he wants to hire an
    employee. First of all, he may look within his own company. But if he can’t find
    anybody suitable for the position he will have to look outside the company. If there
    is a personnel office in the company, he can ask them to help him to find a
    qualified applicant. The employer can also use other valuable sources, for example,
    employment agencies, consulting firms, placement offices and professional
    societies. He can also advertise in a newspaper or in a magazine and request
    candidates to send in resumes.
    The employer has two sets of qualifications to consider if he wants to choose
    from among the applicants. He must consider both professional qualifications and
    personal characteristics. A candidate’s education experience and skills are included
    in his professional qualifications. These can be listed on a resume.

    personnel office – отдел кадров

    IV. Переведите текст с помощью словаря.


    Passenger service at stations has greatly improved in recent years. Both
    reconstructed and newly built stations have large waiting rooms, automated
    luggage checkrooms, ticket-printing machines, electrically operated information
    devices, cleaning machines, etc.
    The railways are closely connected with the network of spur tracks
    belonging to various enterprises. Approximately 80 per cent of all railway freight
    is handled by this network. Millions of tons of freight mainly small shipments
    involving operations of a laborious nature – are handled at the regular railway
    stations, yards and warehouses. The railways have millions of square meters of
    warehouses and platforms and also container (roofed) grounds equipped with
    cranes. Much advance has been made in freight handling. Now about 80 per cent
    of freight operations are performed by mechanisms.

    luggage checkroom – камера хранения