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  • sports section - приемлемый перевод для спортивной секции?

  • Нет, они говорят club.

  • sports club или просто club?

  • Club noun (GROUP)

    A2 [ C, + sing/pl verb ] an organization of people with a common purpose or interest, who meet regularly and take part in shared activities:
    I've just joined the local golf/squash/tennis club.
    Visitors must be accompanied by club members.

    B1 [ C, + sing/pl verb ] a team:
    The Orioles are an exciting club this year.
    Stockport County Football Club

    [ C ] a building in which a club meets
    More examples

    The rugby club has a match next week against the Giants.
    The children's club meets every Thursday afternoon.
    You have to apply for membership of the sports club.
    Dave and Ian belong to the same chess club.
    I see (that) the social club is organizing a theatre trip next month.

    Sport or sports club

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