Помогите решить задание из контрольной пожалуйста

  • Complete the sentences with one word in each gap. The first letter of each word is given.
    1. If you've got toothache , take a p___ and go and see a d___ .
    2. I've got a high t___ ,a terrible h___ and a s___ throat. Maybe I've got the flu.
    3.I've joined a gym. I do a___ . I also do w___ t____ to build up my muscles , and I'm going to take up a m___ a___ like judo or maybe k___ b___ .
    4. He's really keen on mountain sports: r___ c____ in the summer and s___ in the winter.

  • Pill,dentist,temperature, headache, sore,athletics, wrestling??martial art, откройте свой учебник в конце, где слова к уроку по теме здоровье, спорт и найдите эти слова.