Собака укусила за бедро

  • Всем привет ! Подскажите как правильно сказать нижу указанные предложения

    1 Он гулял по улице когда собака укусила его за бедро --> He was walking down the street when a dog bit him on the thigh. ON the thigh or TO the thigh ?

    2. Этот мужчина был укушен в ухо осой в парке. This man was bit on his ear by a bee in the park ? Again is it ON or TO ?

  • bite

    1(of a person or animal) use the teeth to cut into something in order to eat it.
    ‘Rosa bit into a cupcake’
    [with object] ‘he bit a mouthful from the sandwich’

    ‘As she lay unconscious, part of her nose, her mouth and chin were bitten off by her Labrador-cross dog, Tania.’

    ‘Paul and his father had been very close for years until that day at the beach when a shark had bitten off Paul's leg.’

    ‘You can see from another photo the tail missing from one of the seatrout, due to it being bitten off by a seal or a small whale.’
    ‘A British woman whose arm was bitten off by a lion when she reached through the bars of an enclosure at an animal sanctuary in Spain was last night recovering from emergency surgery.
    Это откусить.
    1.1[with object](of an animal or a person) use the teeth in order to inflict injury on.
    ‘she had bitten, scratched, and kicked her assailant’

    ‘She told me that, without any warning, the cat had jumped on her, scratched her, and bitten her in the right arm.’
    ‘The bloke driving said he remembers somebody there biting a man on the arm resulting in getting his teeth knocked out to prevent it happening again.’
    ‘One officer suffered minor injuries after being bitten on the hand.’
    ‘William sustained serious head and body injuries and Chang was bitten on his arms.’

    ‘Then the bear bit his leg, sinking a tooth all the way to the femur bone.’
    ‘если кого-то плюс часть тела --on,in, если просто часть тела (см последнее предложение).
    В Валших примерах on

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