Глагол в части усиленного повеления

  • Hello, everyone!

    Please respond me about the form VERB+VERB e.g. "Come see what we found", a phrase was found here it is http://www.theatlantic.com/past/docs/issues/96jul/9607fict/spring.htm. Although It might be an exception as "imperative imperative" / "imperative and imperative. I've some phrases adding to it "Come listen to this!"
    "Don't disturb me - go do your chores / go make some food."
    However, in other words it would be so "Come here and see what we found"
    Does "imperative imperative" contradict the English grammar?

    Thank you!

  • This is one of the imperative forms.
    Go and buy yourself a new pair of shoes.
    Come and see this goldfish.
    Come and play a game of bridge with us.
    Wait and see.
    In American English "go" and "come" is sometimes followed directly by a 'bare infinitive':
    Go fetch some water. (= Go and fetch)Colloquial .

  • PS The first verb (go, come) can stand for a movement, but it is mostly an encouragement. Go do is highly informal and isn't used in writing.