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  • Подчеркнуть сказуемые и определить залог каждого предложения:
    1) A pet animal is kept as a companion/

  • Is kept present simple passive

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  • Спасибо) Можно еще спросить? Чтобы себя проверить?

  • 2) Dogs are close relatives to wolves.
    3) The London Zoo was established in 1828.
    4) Dolphins are sociable creatures
    5) Many kinds of exotic animals can be found in Australia today
    6) Deserts cover about one seventh of the earth,s land area
    7) Cats have aiways been surrounded by superstitions
    8) Senses are natural abilities that most people have

  • Present simple active 2,4,5,(мод)6,8.
    2 -past simple passive, 7--pres perfect passive