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  • Определить форму выделенных слов
    A kind of treatment "designed " to stimulate people who are withdrawn or uncommunicative has recently been given a new name: pet therapy.
    It has "given " difficult children, lonely old people and even anti- social prisoners a completely new outlook on life.

    Еvеn thoughpеt thеrapyis only nоw "bеing" widеly usеd,it is not a new idea.
    In the 18th century in English doctor WT "filled" the grounds of a hospital for mentally "disturbed " people with chickens, rabbits and goats.
    Tuke 's idea was that patients could learn self-control by "caring " for creatures weaker than themselves.
    These animals comforted the " traumatised " and helped them to avoid " becoming " obsessed with their injuries.
    At last, they came to the conclusion that people with pets really were " living " longer.
    It was discovered that " stroking " a cat or dog lowers a human beings blood pressure and reduces anxiety.
    A dental school in America has discovered that " gazing " at fish in a tank helps patients relax before "undergoing " dental treatment.

  • "designed "---причастие 2
    "given "---причастие 2, третья форма глагола в презент перфект
    "bеing"--=-причастие1, четвертая форма глагола в презент континиус
    "filled"--паст индефинит
    "disturbed "---причастие2
    "caring "---герундий
    the " traumatised "---субстантивированное прилагательное
    " becoming "---герундий
    " living "---причастие1
    " stroking "---герундий
    " gazing "---герундий
    "undergoing "---герундий