Определите видовременную форму выделенных в тексте сказуемых.

  • Определите видовременную форму выделенных в тексте сказуемых.(В тексте подчеркнуты)


    The third customer is industrial, comprised of those large volume users which make up much of Canada's manufacturing, mining, pulp and paper and petrochemical industries. This class, the largest volume user of natural gas in the country, used more than 765 billion cubic feet (22 billion m3) in 1978.
    Each year the utility companies supply Canadian consumers with over 1.3 trillion cubic feet (37 billion m3) of natural gas. It is difficult for anyone to visualize how much heating value there is in such a large volume. However, by comparing it to the equivalent heating value of coal, another hydrocarbon, we can put it into perspective. 1.3 trillion cubic feet (37 billion m ) of natural gas has the same heating quality as 67.8 million tons (61.5 million tons) of coal. These 67.8 million tons (61.5 million tons) of coal would fill about one million conventional box cars and make up a train that would stretch from London, England, clear across the Atlantic, along the 49th parallel to the west coast and across the Pacific to Hawaii.
    To assure this steady movement of natural gas to its customers, the Canadian distribution companies and their suppliers have constructed and maintain transmission and distribution lines and service mains which, if laid end-to end would reach one-quarter of the way to the moon!

  • Is(be), make -present simple active,used(use)past simple active,supply present simple active, can put -модальный +инфинитив,has(have) present simple active, would fill,would stretch модальный+инфинитив, have constructed present perfect active, (construct ), would reach -условное нереальное наст вр./буд.

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