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  • Moving to the Country
    I have spent most of my 1)(live)--→life in cities so I'm still not sure if I made the right 2)(decide)---→decision in moving to the village. The people are 3)(friend)---→friendly enough but I find the lack of 4)(entertain)---→entertainment a little boring. The only 5)(act)---→active here are the ones you expect to find in a 6)(type)---→typical farming community - agricultural shows and so on. Still, I 7)(breath)---→breathe the fresh air, and a friend has just opened, a 8)(give)---→gift shop in a small town not very far away. I already do my 9)(shop)---→shopping there and if I see her quite often I may be able to enjoy the 10)(mix)---→mixture of town and country.

  • The only 5)(act)---→active here are the ones---...activities ...