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  • Topic: Nowadays many people apply to alternative medicine, thinking that is safer. Do you agree to it? Why?

    About Alternative medicine
    Main Idea
    Advantages and Disadvantages Alternative medicine

    This topic has given us information to understand about alternative medicine and I disagree with it. Because nowadays many people prefer modern government medicine side to be healthy.

    Alternative Medicine – is old manner to cue people, because in the past people used to poisons to treat people. However, at this time people use benefit tablets to be healthy.
    And we can’t find lots of poisons because they are may disappear.

    In the past, people used to alternative medicine system. However, in this age people prefer modern side to be healthy because, now we can’t know that it will be safer for us or no.
    Alternative medicine has benefit sides and it has disadvantages too.

    One of the first advantage is – Alternative medicine is cheaper than other medicine systems, for instance, when someone will ill, other medicine systems can’t help who need it.
    Second of all – you can take helpful advice and information about how can use poisons and be healthy with them.

    Although to these advantages, lots of people chose government medicine system, thinking that is safer and with guaranty.

    As we know, alternative medicine has bad sides for people.
    First disadvantage is – alternative medicine treat people without medicine knowledge, without medicine certificate and we can’t be sure with their method.

    They don’t follow hygiene and they don’t have any technologies to get information about health problem.

    To conclude all examples, I’d like to say that, nowadays people prefer modern sides to be healthy, thinking that is safer. And I think that people should go to the modern medicine places to be treated.