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    Japan (0)_A_ my country, men usually go to restaurants on their own. They always take their shoes (1) before they go in. Then they usually sit on the floor around a small, low (2) . In the evening they often sing songs.’
    Germany You usually take (3) or flowers. But you always take an odd number of flowers, and you remove the paper before you give them to the (4) . You can also send flowers before you arrive. You don’t usual- ly take wine except when you visit very close friends.'
    Britain People’s private lives are very important so they never ask you personal (5) about your family or where you live or your job. They never talk about religion or matters of finance, education or politics, but usu- ally stay with safe (6) like the weather, films, plays, books and restau- rants.’
    Russia ‘It’s difficult to know when to leave, but an evening meal usual- ly lasts (7) three or four hours. When the host (8) coffee, this is sometimes a sign that the evening is nearly over, but you can have as much coffee as you want.’

    0) A. in B. on C. at D. from
    1) A. up B. off C. on D. of
    2) A. mat B. chair C. desk D. table
    3) A. flower B. chocolates C. chips D. Champaign
    4) A. housekeepers B. guests C. hostess D. landlord
    5) A. questions B. talks C. interview D. inquiry
    6) A. subjects B. themes C. texts D. objects
    7) A. round B. off C. around D. about
    8) A. makes B. has C. serves D. takes