Помогите, пожалуйста с английским заданием.

  • Нужно составить 5 вопросов по тексту и каждый вопрос разного типа: разделительный, общий, вопрос к подлежащему, альтернативный и специальный вопрос. Помогите, пожалуйста!

    The idea for Route Sixty-Six started in the state of Oklahoma. Citizens wanted to link their state with states to the east and west. By the nineteen-twenties, federal officials wanted to connect state roads to provide a shorter, faster way across the country. So a plan was developed to connect existing state roads into one long national road.
    United States Highway Sixty-Six opened in nineteen-twenty-six. It was one of America's first national road systems. It crossed eight American states. It was three-thousand-eight-hundred kilometers long. People soon began calling Route Sixty-Six "the main street of America."
    Route Sixty-Six became the most famous road in America. The road extended through the centers of many American cities and towns. It crossed deserts, mountains. valleys and rivers. In the nineteen-thirties. Americans suffered through the Great Depression. Many poor farm families in the state of Oklahoma lost their farms because of severe dry weather. So they traveled west to California on Route Sixty-Six in search of a better life.
    In the nineteen-fifties, many American families began to explore the western part of the country during their holidays. They enjoyed travelling on Route Sixty-Six. In the nineteen-sixties. Americans watched a popular television show called "Route Sixty-Six." It was about two young men driving across the country. Route Sixty-Six represented the spirit of movement and excitement. The television show was filmed in cities and towns across America. Yet only a few shows were filmed on the real Route Sixty-Six.
    Also in the nineteen-sixties, the federal government began building huge road stems through a number of states. Cars and trucks could travel at very high speeds. People started driving on these new interstate highways instead of on Route Sixty-Six. In nineteen-sixty-two. parts of Route Sixty-Six were closed because they were in bad condition.
    Then in nineteen-eighty-five, Route Sixty-Six was officially removed from the national highway system. During the past few years, however, people living near the old Route Sixty-Six have formed organizations. They have succeeded in saving parts of the road. They also are saving hundreds of eating places, places to stay and interesting places to visit along the way. Now it is our turn to take a trip on Route Sixty-Six. We will have to search for it at times. Many parts of it have new names or numbers. Some parts of it are included in other interstate highways. Our trip begins in the middle-western city of Chicago. Illinois. Chicago is America's third largest city. It has almost three-million people. From Chicago, the road goes southwest through many small towns in Illinois. One of them is Springfield. the home of America's

  • 1. Did the idea for Route Sixty-Six start in the state of Oklahoma? ---общий вопрос.
    2. How did people begin calling Route Sixty-Six soon ?---Специальный.
    3. Did route Sixty-Six become the most famous road in America or in Russia?---Альтернативный
    4. Also in the nineteen-sixties the federal government began building huge road stems through a number of states, didn't it?---Рaзделительный
    5. They have succeeded in saving parts of the road.---Who succeeded in saving parts of the road?---Вопрос к подлежащему.