Be off уходить, уезжать

  • Можно ли использовать это словосочетание в прошедшем времени в качестве слова - уходил. Например, I was off to a cinema. Или только в Present Simple? Спасибо

  • Вот все значения с примерами, ваш случай--пример в прош времени. #2.
    .be off
    1. To have left or been removed from a surface: The crows have flown away; they're all off the roof now. The snow is off the roads, and it should be safe to drive now.
    2. To leave or have left: I was already off to the airport when you called.
    3. To be disengaged, not currently functioning, especially through lack of power supply. Used mostly of machines: It's dark now that the lights are off. Before I leave the house I always checks to see if the stove is off.
    4. To be no longer connected to or broadcast by some communication system: How long have you been off the phone? The television program is now off the air.
    5. To be inexact, imprecise, or not meeting expectations: Something is wrong with this calculation; these figures are definitely off. My golf playing was really off last weekend.
    6. To be spoiled: Don't use this milk in your tea; it's off.
    7. To be no longer dependent on, addicted to, or desirous of something: I'm finally off caffeine. He's been off of drugs for a long time now.