Write questions to the following answers. ПОМООГИТЕ, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА

  • 1) How ?
    The UK’s climate varies greatly according to a season and location, but on
    the whole it can be described as mild with few extremes.
    2) Where ?
    The highest mountains are in Scotland and Wales.
    3) What ?
    Autumn 2000 was the wettest since records began in 1766, with a total of
    503 millimetres of rainfall for September, October and November.
    4) How many ?
    Nine out of ten people live in towns and cities.
    5) What ?
    The Lake District is England’s wettest region, receiving an average of
    130 inches (330 centimetres) of precipitation each year.
    6) What ?
    About 5,000 years ago, the center of the United Kingdom was covered with
    thick forests.
    7) Where ?
    Important rivers flowing into the North Sea are the Thames, the Humber,
    the Tees, and the Tyne.

  • 1. How (greatly) does the UK's climate change according to a season and location?

    2. Where are the the highest mountains?

    3 What has been the wettest season since records began in 1766?

    4. How many people live in towns and cities?

    5. What is the wettest district of England?

    6. What wa covered with thick forests about 5,000 years ago?

    7. Where do the important rivers of England flow?