• I. а) Переведите текст и озаглавьте его

    Improvements introduced in the 20th century included the smoother and more efficient type of engines called steam turbines and the use of oil fuel instead of coal. Between 1910 and 1920 the diesel engine began to be introduced in ships. These diesel-engined ships are called motor ships. The largest ships, however, are still generally driven by steam turbines. In the late 1950s a few ships were being built which were equipped with nuclear reactors for producing steam.
    In 1957 the world's first atomic ice-breaker was launched in Leningrad.
    This atomic ice-breaker is equipped with an atomic engine owing to which her operating on negligible quantities of nuclear fuel is possible. In spite of the capacity of her engine being 44,000 h.p. it will need only a few grams of atomic fuel a week.
    The atomic ice-breaker has three nuclear reactors. The operation of the nuclear reactor is accompanied by powerful radiation. Therefore, the ice-breaker is equipped with reliable means of protection. The ice-breaker is designed for operation in Arctic waters.

    б) - выпишите слова со словообразовательными суффиксами, указав образованные части речи;
    - определите подчеркнутые грамматические явления;
    - задайте 3 специальных вопроса;
    - напишите аннотацию к тексту в количестве до 2-4 предложений.