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  • The history of Apple began forty years ago, when two friends Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak decided to establish their own company for the production of personal computers. Officially, Apple was founded in April 1976, the same year the handmade Apple I computer appeared on the market.

    Apple II was more successful computer, but because of the intense competition with IBM, the company had losses. Before leaving the company, Jobs had been developing a computer that would cost less than $500. This computer was named Macintosh, but in the future, subsequent models began to be briefly called as Mac.

    The next important event in Apple's life was the purchase of NeXT company, led by Steve Jobs. Thus, Steve Jobs returned to Apple as CEO. His arrival was marked with many changes, in order for the company to become cost-effective the product line was extended, iMac monoblocks and consumer notebooks iBook were released and it was successful.

    The modern look of Apple was formed by Jobs's vision in the development of multimedia and related content. In beginning of 2003, the revolutionary iPod product was introduced, which is a portable device for listening to music. The strong popularity of iPod was gained by the development of iTunes service, which provided users with a simple and convenient way of buying and listening to music.

    The second revolutionary product of the company of this period was the iPhone, which combined the functions of a phone, an iPod and an internet communication device. iPhone provided the user with an incredibly simple way to interact with it by gestures and an intuitive, user-friendly interface on the screen.

    The third revolutionary product was the iPad tablet computer. This device combines the functions of a laptop and a smartphone, while doing it the best way. The iPad is designed for web browsing, watching videos and photos, e-mail, reading e-books, etc.

    All these devices work with the App Store, which provides the ability to install any application on all of the above devices.

    The most recent device presented is Apple Watch, which provides functions of watches with fitness tracker and synchronization with other Apple devices.

    Apple is trying to keep information in the strictest secrecy, so there is a small amount of information and a lot of rumors. However, it is known that the company is currently working on several new projects. The first is connected with autonomous cars with autopilot, the second with virtual reality glasses and the third with smart home devices. Also, the company is working on updating the products already released.

    Over the years, Apple has been a source of innovation in the IT-industry and continues to hold these positions to this day. Thereby Apple is the most expensive company in the world.