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    1. The dog's responses to the food in the mouth were considered automatic reflex responses that are inborn, but the response to the sightof food was a learned, or conditioned, response.

    2. Skinner constructed a box which has inside it a lever that can be operated, a food tray, and a buzzer.

    3. When the well-fed animal is later put back in the box it will push the lever a few times, as if it is a result of a pleasantly familiar past activity, and then it will ignore it.

    4. These signals, which were paired with, or associated with, rewards that originally satisfied our motives or needs later tend to take on their own reinforcingqualities.

    5. Human learning is only partly a matter of associations of responses acquired through classical or operant conditioning experi­ences.

    6. Learning to solve problems by remembering and using previous experiences in this way is very much a human method for achieving our goals and objectives.