очень срочно!!!! помогите пожалуйста

  • Выберите правильную форму глагола, определить и записать видовременную форму выбранного глагола

    1. All criminal cases (start / are started) in the magistrates' courts.
    2. This serious case (tried / was tried / was trying) by the Crown Court.
    3. The jury (will decide / will be decided / will have been deciding) on guilt or innocence of this man.
    4. The solicitor already (has prepared / is prepared / prepared) the case and the evidence for the trial.
    5. I understood that I (met / was meeting / had met) this man before.
    6. When the elderly couple (was watching / watched / has watched) a film, burglars (were breaking / broke / has broken) into their house.
    7. Don't enter the room! The jury (will be discussing / have discussed / are discussing) the verdict. They (are discussing / will have been discussing / have been discussing) it for 3 hours already.

  • Start (present simple active),was tried(past simple passive),will decide (future simple active),has already prepared (present perfect active ),had met (past perfect active),was watching(past continuous active),broke(past simple active ),are discussing (present continuous active ),have been discussing (present perfect continuous active)