Необходимо в тексте найти причастие, определить его тип. Найти причастный оборо.

  • The USA is divided into eleven judicial circuits and each one is served with the Federal Court of Appeal. As a rule the Court of Appeal sits with three judges on the bench, There are about ninety district courts are the lowest ones in the Federal court system.
    Most of the criminal and civil cases are tried by these courts. The district court is the only Federal court where trials are held, juries are used and witnesses are called. There are about two hundred district judges in the USA.
    Cases tried in the district court may be appealed in one of die eleven Courts of Appeal and in the Supreme Court. The decision of the Supreme Court is final. In the US the judiciary is divided into the federal and state judiciary.
    Jurisdiction of particular courts or judges is determined by either the national or state constitutions and laws. The state courts are organized in a system that looks like the system of Federal courts with a Supreme Court at the top.
    In most of the states the lowest courts are the magistrates or police courts

    Нужно найти причастие, определить его тип. Найти причастный оборот. По возможности найти инфинитивный оборот.

  • Инфинитивных оборотов нет, причастных тоже.

    Причастий много, в основном это причастия 2 в функции части глагольного сказуемого в пассиве (is divided, is served, are tried, are held, are used, are called, may be appealed-модальное сказуемое,is divided, is determined, are organized).
    В одном случае причастие 2 употребляется в функции определения (Cases tried in the district court).