Who want`s to have a chat? :))

  • Выражаясь на родном русском, ДАВАЙТЕ СОВЕРШЕНСТВОВАТЬСЯ, ЛЮДИ! Кто хочет пообщаться исключительно на английском - ПИШИТЕ! Аська - 457448643, мыло - ekaterina.nester@mail.ru

  • я за
    могу спрашивать как говорится то или то слово или прдложение :))

  • Hello, Kate!Nice to meet the same person who wants to have a chat. It's like this,you see let's try!!

  • да ради Бога) Спрашивай) Буду рада помочь) sergik

  • Hi everyone. It is nice meeting you. I wanna chat in English too, you could try to find me with the help of ICQ: 191-094-949 or email which is below my nickname. Have fun :)

  • Hi!
    To communicate we need a theme, Choose and let`s start!

  • Dusya What would you like most of all? Hobbies,people,adventures or culture (movies,music,art,books and so on) I want YOU to check a theme,because it doesn`t matter for me)) So...

  • Hi! May I talk with u. I want to master the langauge

  • e-mail - ibs.85@mail.ru
    ICQ - 408937414
    Skype - aminolevulinic

  • Hi!! I'm new. I want to talk to smb. I've a big problem-in 2 days I've an exam-Theoretical course of English Grammar. I don't imagine how i'll pass it!!!