Окончания в прилагательных

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    В чем отличие окончаний -tory и -tive в прилагательных? Какое значение они имеют?
    Например чем отличаются прилагательные anticipative и anticipatory


  • -ative
    a suffix used to form adjectives from verbs ending in -ate1 (regulative); on this model, used to form adjectives from other stems (normative).

    -ive, suffix.
    -ive is attached to roots or nouns to form adjectives with the meaning "having a tendency or connection with;

    -ory1 ,suffix.
    -ory is attached to nouns and verbs that end in -e to form adjectives with the meaning "of or relating to (the noun or verb mentioned)'':

  • From the definitions and examples, the distinction seems to be similar to that between strategy and tactic: anticipatory feels like something for the longer-term, an intentional preparation or action, whereas anticipative sounds more reflexive and mechanical.

    Anticipative also feels more eager than anticipatory.

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    What I would do is if I wanted to describe the general measures taken in advance use: "Anticipatory" If I want to describe the measures as being active use: anticipative