помогите решить тесты, пожалуйста

  • всем привет ! помогите, пожалуйста, ответить на некоторые вопросы из теста. на подготовку осталось несколько дней! буду очень и очень благодарна всем, кто ответит:

    1) Which one is correct?

    а) Simon has back problems and his son faces alike problems.
    b) noone truly believes there are alive creatures on Mars
    c) within a few minutes the baby was asleep
    d) the police pushed their way throught the afraid crowd

    2) I left her a note on the kitchen table. _______ she might have worried about where we were
    B)in case
    c) although

    3) Which one is NOT correct?
    A) had i known it was about to rain I would have brought my umbrella
    b) only when the team marched onto the field did the crowd become excited
    c) never has there been so much violence between the two minority groups
    d) only if i'm paid enought i ll make the journey abroad

    4) which one is correct
    A) if Jack had been honest he would return the money
    b) the dvd pauses if you press this bottom
    c)if she would have really wanted to see me , she d have come earlier
    d) you d be surpried if i tell you how much it costs

  • 1-с, 2-a, 3-d, 4-b

  • Как насчет такой фразы: I left her a note on the kitchen table __in case _____ she might have worried about where we were