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  • Maria Reiche, a German … (MATHEMATICS), devoted fifty years of her life to the … (PRESERVE) of the Nazca lines of the Inca. Born in Dresden in 1903, she arrived in Peru to teach at a German school in Cuzco and eventually as the first … (EUROPE) scientist to investigate the Nazca lines which became her life’s work. … (INSTANT) mesmerized by these … (ENIGMA) objects, she set up home on the edge of the desert, living off fruit and nuts and sleeping under the stars. After surveying around 1,000 lines, she wrote her … (ORDINARY) book Mystery of the Desert, published in 1949. She spent a … (CONSIDER) amount of money trying to educate the public about the lines, … (INCREASE) threatened by vandals, looters, ... (RESPONSIBLE) tourists and … (EXCESS) rainfall. Her … (TIRE) work has now resulted in the Nazca lines having been declared a World Heritage Site, and she is regarded by some as a national … (HERO): she is Saint Maria, ‘Lady of the Lines’.

  • mathematician, preservation, european, instantly, enigmatic, extraordinary, considerable, increasingly, irresponsioble, excessive, tireless, heroine.