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  • Thierry speaks English very wel[, but has difficulty finding the right tone in letters and emails.
    He would like to write his email in a friendly but formal style. Fill the gaps with the words
    -contacting - discuss - getting in touch with- got back - here are-I am attaching -
    l apologise- just - pleass - pretty - reasonably -resolve- returned .
    -sort out - sorry- talk about - unfortunately-want-wish-you see

    Dear Mrs. O'Brien
    Regarding our meeting last week,_____________for not_________you earlier,___________,our r solicitor was in court for most of last week and only______yesterday.
    As we agreed,_________ the amendments to your contract as suggested by him,week__________well.
    Could you have a look at them and let me know me by the end of the week at the latest if there are any points you still_______to___________?I can then try to have the contract ready for signing by the middle of next week.
    In the meantime, if there are any other matters where I can be of help,_________give me a call

  • -1contacting - 2discuss - 3getting in touch with- 4got back -5 here are-6I am attaching -
    7l apologise-8 just - 9pleass -19 pretty -11 reasonably -12resolve-23 returned .
    -14sort out - 15sorry- 16talk about -17 unfortunately-18want-19wish-20 you see

    7, 3, 17, 23,6, ? ,18,2, 8

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