проверьте и дополните пожалуйста

  • a) lead, b) huge, c) handsome, d) slim, e) sure, f) brightest, g) enjoy, h) looks, i) finds

    Brad Pete is one of Hollywood’s 1) _, f) brightest ________stars. He is a very successful actor who
    starred in many films, such as Interview with the Vampire and Twelve Monkeys. He is
    tall and 2) ___ c) handsome ____. His beautiful blue eyes and good 3) ________ are difficult to
    Brad Pete is a humorous person; his friends 4) __ enjoy ______ his company. He is a
    sensible person who doesn’t 5) _________a glamorous life.
    When he has free time he enjoys reading about architecture, a subject that he 6)
    _______ rather interesting. He also enjoys listening to music and has a 7)
    _________CD collection.
    Brad Pete is a talented as well as a 8) ________young actor. We are 9) b) huge ________ to
    see a lot more of him in the future.

  • 3 looks ,5 lead 6 I ,7 b,8handsome, 2 slim 9 e
    Такие задания сначала переводят, и слова тоже, и заполняют по смыслу, а не с "потолка"