Помогите составить диалог

  • 1) -I’m sorry, we’re not hiring today in this field.
    2) -Yes, of course.
    3) -I’m interested in a job in computer programming, with whom can I speak?
    4) -I’d like to apply for a job.
    5) -We receive applications every Wednesday between 1.00 and 3.00 pm.
    6) -One moment, please.
    7) -Are you looking for a job or are you already working with us?
    8) -Good morning, OSHA Partners. (1)
    9) -All right, but can I come in and give you my application anyway?
    10) -(Personnel department) Hello, Personnel department.
    11) -Thank you. Good bye.
    12) -Good morning, may I speak with the personnel department?
    13) -Shall I bring my resume?
    14) -Good bye.

  • 8,12,6,10,7,4,3,1,9,5,13,2,11,14.