помогите, пожалуста!!!

  • 1.The hearing of the criminal case (to postpone).
    2.The case of murder (to investigate) last year.
    3.Penalties (to impose) on convicts according to the law.
    4.The juvenile (to arrest) by the police, but now he (to release).
    5.The verdict (to give) by the jury and the sentence (to pass) by the judge.
    6.The verdict (to discuss) still by the jury.
    7.The evidence on the case (to collect) still by the investigator.
    8.The suspect (to arrest) just by the police inspector.
    9.The trial (to close) by the judge by the time we came to the
    10.The textbook on civil law (to publish) by January.
    11.(To solve) the case or (to collect) the evidence still by the investigator?
    12.A lot of interesting English books (to translate) by December. Some of them (to publish) already.
    13.The driving tests (to fail) by him.
    14.This terrible crime (to prevent) by the measures taken by the police.
    15.Different kinds of offences (to reflect) in Crime Statistics.
    16.The Common law offences (to codify) by 1986.

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