Помогите, пожалуйста

  • 1. Determine the etymology and the degree of assimilation of the following lexical units:
    mascara, machine, delicatessen, school, macaroni, bourgeois, cereal, boutique, pattern, Zoo, purple, moustache, emphatic, millennium, nouveau riche, hybrid, alumnus, gifted, coffe, cafe, conservatory, conservatoire, police, husband, cradle, datum, squaw, clinic, intelligence,

    2. Compare zhe meaning of the followings pain cif etymological doublets and define their origin:
    card — chart, shade — shadow, egg — edge, gage — wage, hale whole, liquor — liqueur, of — off, scar — share, whit — eight, artist —artiste, abridge — abbreviate, pauper poor, raise — rear, prune — plum, hog — guest, ward — guard.