Помогите,пожалуйста .Срочно. Нужен выбрать правильный вариант и перевести

  • Faking it is the hit tv series where people learn a new job in just a few weeks and then try to persuade experts that it's their real job! In this week's episode,a volunteer (1) has/ is having four weeks to learn a new skill.This week's volunteer,Tim Hutch ,usually (2) works/is working as a music teacher in a secondary school.In Faking it ,he becomes a rock star.When you see him in the programme ,he (3) plays/is playing live on stage in a rock band!In his real job as a music teacher,he (4)teaches/is teaching kids to play classical guitar.That's the only instrument he can play.But in Faking it he (5) learns/is learning to play the bass guitar.Tim Hutch has many challenges to face,but the thing he most (6) wants/is wanting to learn is how to dance in time. Don't miss it!

  • .When you see him in the programme ,he (3) is playing live on stage in a rock band!

    But in Faking it he (5) is learning to play the bass guitar.

    В остальных предложениях----презент индефинит.

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  • Значит там вообще ничего не нужно выбирать ?

  • Нужно. Для выбора даны два варианта: презент индефинит и презент континиус.
    Два варианта я уже для вас выбрал. В остальных предложениях выбираем презент индефинит, то есть не инговый вариант.

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  • Спасибо большое